What do you need to know about Vital Signs? Read the attached PDF to keep your skills up to date, then complete the short review below.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs Review

After reviewing the module for vital signs, provide the answers to this 9-question quiz.  Select the button indicating the correct answer.  You will need to get at least 7 questions correct to pass.

Mr. Johnson has just finished a long physical therapy session. You should wait to take his vital signs because:
It’s not necessary to document your client’s vital signs if they are within the normal range
You should explain to your client what you are doing before checking each vital sign EXCEPT
The best way to find out if people suffer from hypertension is to check their blood pressure regularly
To check your client’s pulse, you should
Which of the following clients has one or more ABNORMAL vital signs?
When taking a client’s blood pressure, you should NEVER pump the cuff up past 150 mmHG
If Mrs. Riley’s temperature is more than 1.5 degrees higher than normal, she has a fever
Medications can cause vital signs to go up or down

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